We currently use cookies that are essential to allow us to provide you with and allow the management of an insurance policy. This includes meeting our regulatory obligations to ensure that we have a full record of your journey on our website (prior, during and post purchase) as well a record of any communications you have with us (by phone, e-mail or live chat). We provide an overview of the cookies we use below:

  • Session Cookies: Essential cookies to allow our site function, for example to maintain your session integrity during a quote or within our customer zone.
  • Stripe (https://stripe.com), Payment Provider: Essential payment related cookies when you buy or renew a policy.
  • InspectLet (https://www.inspectlet.com), Session Recording Provider: Essential cookies to record your interactions with our website.
  • Talkdesk (https://www.talkdesk.com), Live Chat Provider: Essential cookies to record your interactions for our live chat facility.
  • EquallyAI (https://equally.ai/), Essential cookies to enable an accessibility tool. Enables site to be adjusted manually or to profiles for Vision, Cognitive, Seizure Safe, ADHD and Dyslexia.

There are other optional cookies present on our site which exist to enable functions such as allowing Google to provide its full suite of services where you've used Google search etc.

You can see more details about which cookies are used on our site by clicking here. You can also change your preferences at any time in the Privacy Control Center.

This version was last updated on 15/03/2024.