Please Note: The information below provides a list of work and charity covered under this policy either as standard or for an additional premium. It also outlines work and charity we don't cover, if your work or charity isn't covered in this list it is not covered. This page is updated on a regular basis as new types of work or charity are referred to our team, if you don't see what you need please contact us.

All our policy benefits are subject to terms, conditions and exclusions. Please refer to the policy wording for full details.

No Personal liability cover while working. We exclude work involving the lifting or carrying of heavy items in excess of 25Kg, work at a higher level than two storeys or any form of work underground.

Work / Charity Category Important Information
Administrative work: Office work Inclusive
Administrative work: Project manager (office based) Inclusive
Au Pair Inclusive
Beauty Therapist Not covered
Conservation Work: Beach Cleanups Inclusive
Conservation Work: Marine Inclusive Collecting data, restoring coral reefs and removing plastic from the ocean
Conservation Work: Parrots Category 2
Conservation Work: Reef Monitoring Inclusive
Conservation Work: Reforestation Category 2 Planting seedlings and monitoring the forest, working with local communities
Conservation Work: Turtles Inclusive
Cruise Ship: Entertainer Not covered
Dog Walker Inclusive
Farm Work: Driving a Tractor Not covered
Farm Work: Fruit Picking Inclusive
Farm Work: Working with Animals Not covered
Groundsman (Cricket Pitch/Golf Course etc) Not covered
Hairdresser / Hairstylist Category 2
Hospitality: Admissions Inclusive
Hospitality: Bar Work Inclusive Serving, Cleaning, Restocking etc
Hospitality: Catering Inclusive
Hospitality: Chef/Cook Not covered
Hospitality: Concierge Inclusive
Hospitality: Dishwasher Inclusive
Hospitality: Event Planner Inclusive
Hospitality: Festival Worker Category 2
Hospitality: Host/Hostess Inclusive
Hospitality: Porter Inclusive
Hospitality: Valet Inclusive
Hospitality: Waiter/Waitress Inclusive Serving, Cleaning, Restocking etc
Journalist Inclusive
Lifeguard: Beach Not covered
Lifeguard: Swimming Pool Category 2
Massage Therapist Not covered
Medical Professions (Doctor/Nurse/Student/Assistant/Volunteer) Not covered
Modelling Inclusive
Nail Technician Not covered
Nanny Inclusive
Photographer Inclusive
Retail Work: Shop Assistant Inclusive
Retail Work: Theme Park Inclusive
Ski Buddy Wintersports
Summer Camp Inclusive Sports & Activity pack upgrade may be needed for activities.
Teaching: Classroom/School Inclusive
Teaching: Language Tutor (including TEFL) Inclusive
Teaching: Scuba Instructor Inclusive Must be fully qualified. Depending on the depth, Sports & Activity pack upgrade may be needed.
Teaching: Ski instructor Not covered
Teaching: Tennis Coach Not covered
Teaching: Windsurf instructor Inclusive
Teachng: Sail Instructor Not covered
Tour Guide Category 2
Videographer Inclusive
Volunteering: Animal Population Surveyor Inclusive Organised by charity or other organisation. No Guns, no direct contact with animals.
Volunteering: Elephant Sanctuary Not covered
Volunteering: Homeless Shelter Inclusive
Volunteering: Monkey Sanctuary Not covered
Volunteering: Refugee Camp Inclusive
Volunteering: Working with animals (direct) Not covered
Volunteering: Working with animals (indirect) Category 2 Food prep and distribution, Enclosure cleaning, Animal tracking. No Animal Contact
Volunteering: Working with stray animals Not covered
Working at Height (over two stories / 6 metres) Not covered
Working at Height (up to two stories / 6 metres) Inclusive
Working underground Not covered
Youth Worker Inclusive Sports & Activity pack upgrade may be needed for activities.