The Outbacker Travel Insurance product range has been designed to reduce the price of long haul and backpackers travel insurance without cutting down on the cover! We believe that you deserve to have a quality backpacking insurance policy to protect you on your travels, which is why our cover has been carefully constructed to provide you with specialised travel insurance that fits your travel needs.

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key policy benefits

Working Holiday

Working holiday cover including manual labour* as standard

100+ Activities

Our policies all include over 100 sports and activities as standard

Medical Expenses

Medical expenses cover up to £10 million outside the UK

Airline Failure Cover

All Policies include end supplier failure as standard
Outbacker Travel Insurance policies do not cover ANY pre-existing medical conditions *We exclude work involving the lifting or carrying of heavy items in excess of 25Kg, work at a higher level than two storeys or any form of work underground. Please see the policy wording for further information.

why outbacker

Working Holidays* and a Return Trip to the UK
Cover up to 230 Sports and Activities
Safe & Secure Online Booking
Instant Online Policy Delivery
24 Hour, 365 Days Emergency Assistance
Medicins Sans Frontieres Defaqto

what others say

Seemed simple enough to get a quote and personalise it to my own requirements. Best price I found for what it offers

Cheap and gives you what you need

Very simple to use website

Great, no problems, payed out when I had flight issues

It's difficult to rate an insurance fore actually going on the trip. However, the qualities included in the policy look great and if I have to claim on the insurance, I hope it is as good as it says it is!

This is fantastic value and very easy to purchase, very pleased will recommend to others.

Really good website, all details and steps are clear to use and see, really recommend this insurance company ��

Perfect for travelers with the addition of having sports covered, which is something other travel insurance companies do not offer.

it was easy, fast and cheapest in the market. /it allowed me to have flexible dates which made it the perfect travel insurance for my uni placement year

Very competitive and attractive policy - went for platinum package and included almost everything I wanted. Only criticism would be instead of adding every activity from the Activity B category, it would be good to be able to add individual activities as that would help give the best value.

great experience, easy to use webs, hope i dont need to use it but happy im covered if i do