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Are you heading on a gap year adventure and looking for travel insurance that is appropriate to your needs? Look no further than Outbacker Insurance. Our travel insurance has been specifically crafted to backpackers and gap year travellers looking to head abroad for their gap year or backpacking trip. Our cover ranges from Europe to Worldwide (including the USA) so wherever you're heading in the world, we can provide you with the cover that you are looking for.

When it comes to gap years, we know that the average gap year traveller does far more than simply travel from one place to another. That's why our policies include cover for a variety of work as standard; including admin, bar, clerical & retail jobs abroad. A wide range of sports & adventure activities are also covered by your gap year insurance policy, from windsurfing to bungee jumping.

It's easy to take the 'it won't happen to me' mentality when heading out on your gap year trip - but remember that accidents can happen. Personal belongings do get stolen, you may end up needing emergency medical treatment after an incident or you may be forced to return to the UK, cutting your gap year short. Outbacker Insurance is here to help you through the tough times and our gap year travel insurance will keep you protected abroad.

key policy benefits

Personal Accident

Up to £15,000 if you suffer loss of limb, sight or permanent disability.

Trip Abandonment

Cover if you are forced to abandon your trip and head home.

Personal Liability

Personal liability & legal expenses if you find yourself in trouble.

Return Trip to the UK

Return once for up to 14 days without invalidating your cover



More than a million checked-in bags get lost forever at airports globally.

Outbacker BagFinder can prevent this from happening to you.

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Doctor Please! app

For minor medical issues, you can now speak to a UK GP via a video call at a time and place convenient to you.

It's cheaper and more convenient than seeing a local private doctor and in most cases, they'll be able to issue you a local prescription.

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Outbacker Travel Insurance policies do not cover ANY pre-existing medical conditions.

* We include cover for some types of work and charity as standard, for other types you'll need to pay an additional premium, please click here for more information. If you include cover for manual labour please note we exclude manual work involving the lifting or carrying of heavy items in excess of 25 kgs, use of power tools or machinery, work involving the use of scaffolding or ladders, working at a height above 6m, any electrical or construction work or any form of work underground.

why outbacker

Working Holidays* and a Return Trip to the UK
Cover up to 230 Sports and Activities
Safe & Secure Online Booking
Instant Online Policy Delivery
24 Hour, 365 Days Emergency Assistance
Over £50,000 raised for Doctors Without Borders

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