our covid cover

Please note that the information on this page is for policies sold on or after 18th October 2023, if you purchased your policy prior to this please click here for more information.

We understand that it is important you know what cover is in place if Coronavirus or Covid-19 affects your trip. We hope the scenarios below explain some of what we do or don't cover:

cancelling due to COVID-19

Your policy will cover you subject to the terms and conditions, if you need to cancel your trip because:

Your policy will not cover you to cancel your trip if:

cutting your trip short

Providing you aren't travelling against the advice of Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) or another regulatory authority then you are covered subject to the terms and conditions, if you need to cut your trip short because:

Your policy will not cover:

emergency medical cover for COVID-19

If you develop COVID-19 whilst abroad your policy will cover you subject to the terms and conditions for:

Your policy will not cover:

For the full limits of cover for your chosen policy please refer to your schedule of cover. Terms and Conditions apply.

further information and cover examples

Do I need to be fully vaccinated against Covid?

Our policies do not require you to be fully vaccinated. Please note however that our policies do not offer any cover if you fail to hold the relevant documentation as required by your airline (or other public transport such as a cruise ship or train) or destination country. For example if your destination country requires you to provide either proof of being fully vaccinated or a current negative test certificate and you are denied boarding/entry due to not providing valid documents there is no cover under our policies.

What will I need to do if I test positive?

Unless your destination requires a COVID test then you have no obligation to take one prior to travel under our policy. If your destination does require a test or you wish to take one as you feel unwell we would generally recommend using a private test as noted below as this will include a standardised Fit (or unfit) to Fly Travel certificate. As standard the following options are available to you to prove you have tested positive

* Please note this is not an endorsement of this particular provider, we use this as an example as they are a high street provider in the UK.

Do you cover the cost of COVID Tests or vaccination?

No. Our policies do not cover the cost of COVID tests or vaccination either prior to, during, or post your travel.

Note: Our claims team will assess costs for COVID tests required by a doctor or hospital as part of a valid claim for emergency medical assistance on a case by case basis. Claims for COVID tests for any other reason (for example pre-departure, in hotel/venue or post arrival tests) will not be covered.

Where can I travel?

You can travel to any destination listed on your certificate of insurance, however, if you travel to a country where the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) or other regulatory authority advise against travel there will be no cover under this policy. You can view the current advice by clicking here.